Have you ever stopped working, turned off your electronics and gone somewhere
peaceful, like the countryside or for a walk in the woods? Or else sitting at the bank of a
lake..It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Rather than remaining blissfully unaware of the beautiful
nature around you, take time to appreciate the things mother nature has provided.
Let us face the facts. We live in a world where we spend most of our time working or in
the digital plane, browsing the internet, chatting, watching clips and movies, and so on.
The older we get, it becomes increasingly rare for everyone to have the time to plan out
a nice little trip outside the urban borders of the city, and actually spend quality time in
nature. We sometimes even forget about the little pieces of greenery that we’ve got
around us – parks.
Now, you are probably already aware of how spending time in nature is important for
you in various ways. But, in case that it is simply no longer on your mind, and you have
been neglecting all the amazing benefits, let me remind you… ! Spending some good
time amidst the nature is the best ever thing to do in life..to find inner peace and inner
strengths .
Generally, spending a lot of time in natural surroundings makes people a lot more creative and
productive once they return home. Your short-term memory improves, and your attention skills
are boosted.
You should also know that spending time in nature boosts your immune system. Simply being
exposed to all of nature’s wonders stimulates the brain. Your prefrontal cortex which is
responsible for your mind’s commands, can take a bit of a rest and revitalize.
There is also the fact that was proven by Korean scientists – when people are more exposed to
images of urban scenes instead of natural ones, the blood flow to the amygdala is greater. As a
result, the brain reacts a lot more by expressing anxiety and fear. On the other hand, when
looking at the images of forests and various natural wonders, the people who participated in the
research had shown that the blood flows much more into the anterior cingulate instead, which is
connected to empathy and compassion.
Spending time in nature is important in some many ways. Now that I have reminded you about
some of them, make a plan to dedicate some time to spend it outdoors, basking in the sunlight,
natural beauties, and the health effects of being around plants for extended periods. Let nature
heal your body, boost your immune system, and have some fun and educational time camping
with your family or friends.
“ Those who find beauty in all of nature will find themselves at one with the secrets of life
itself..allow natures peace flow into you as sunshine flow into trees…lose yourself in the
nature and find peace…because silence in nature as a mysterious calming affect,
allowing your soul to be at peace with your thoughts…the earth has a music ..for those
who listen..!”

Written by

Yashaswi Devanga shetty


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